Our Coaches

Fellowship Coaches

Throughout the year, each Fellow works with a Board level Executive Coach. They provide them with a critical sounding board, plus challenge and support their ongoing development.

The Marketing Academy Fellow Coaching team is led by our faculty partner Wisdom8 and who are members of the Association for Coaching® (AC).

  • Margot Hennessey
  • Lindsay Wittenberg
  • Alison Down
  • Katherine Tulpa
  • Annelie Green
  • Anna Inama
  • Amanda Bouch
  • Catherine Bain
  • Professor Jonathan Perks MBE
  • Oona Collins
  • Olwyn Merritt
  • Jo Cleary
  • Thomas Barta
  • Laurence Bridot
  • Adrienne Candy
  • Annie Bennett
  • Kevin Greenleaves
  • Syl Saller

Scholarship Coaches

Throughout the Scholarship year each Scholar works 1:1 with a professional leadership Coach. The year-long coaching programme provides the Scholars with a critical sounding board, plus challenges and facilitates the Scholar’s thinking and development.

The coaching element of the Scholarship has been designed by our faculty partner Wisdom8. The Marketing Academy Professional Coaching Team is members of the Association for Coaching® (AC).

  • Smaranda Dochia
  • Annie Bennett
  • Jo Cleary
  • Claire Croft
  • Fran Middleton
  • Shamela Kylassum
  • Tracy Bertran
  • Paul Arnold
  • Karen Campbell
  • Judith Lynch
  • Leigh Bowman-Perks
  • Katherine Tulpa
  • Sarah Lane
  • Julia Newell
  • Elizabeth Arthur
  • Anna Inama
  • Elizabeth Mcgregor
  • Debbie Halls-Evans
  • Jane Adshead-Grant
  • Debbie Palmer
  • Nathalie Britten
  • Mark Harris
  • Preeta Cooley
  • Heli Heartland
  • Tony Mann
  • Boris Prigmore
  • Esther Goodyear
  • Beverly Landais

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Shamela Kylassum

Shamela has a passion for helping people find their own brilliance. She has over 20 years experience working as a management consultant for PwC and…

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The Scholarship – a 9 month, free, part time programme for 30 of the UK’s fastest rising stars in Marketing, Advertising, Media and Communications.

The Fellowship – Equips CMO’s and Marketing Directors with the tools, knowledge and insight to make the move onto Boards and into General Management / MD / CEO roles.

12 month full paid Marketing Apprenticeship for young adults who because of challenging backgrounds, lack qualifications or poor life choices are normally overlooked for this kind of work experience