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FAQs: Got a question about the The Scholarship Programme? This might help…

The Marketing Academy’s Scholarship Programme is a completely free 9 month leadership programme of Mentoring, Coaching and Learning. If you’re successful in securing a place you’ll also receive the following benefits;

  • Opportunity to meet with 8 senior marketing leaders (Brand and Agency) for face to face mentoring sessions
  • An Executive Coach to work with throughout the entire programme
  • 3 x Residential Boot Camps (9 days in total) each year filled with leadership development, inspirational speakers, CEO’s and master classes
  • Attend up to 4 x Scholarship Lectures, each hosted by recognised subject matter experts
  • Opportunity to vulntary participate in charity programme, donating your time to a small UK charity
  • Participation in a life changing Leadership Development Programme
  • Peer to Peer networking
  • Exposure to high level marketing expertise across all industries
  • Lifetime access to the Academy as Alumni

We’ve redesigned the programme for 2017 and you can download and read the entire outline of the Scholarship Programme here

The 15 days of the Scholarship programme are broken down by:

  • 2 x days of mentoring. These are spread throughout the 9 months
  • 1 1/2 days of Executive Coaching. These are organised by the Scholars and coaches and are spread throughout the 9 month programme
  • 9 x days of Residential Boot Camps (5 days in May 2018, 2 days in September 2018 and 2 days in January 2019)
  • 1 1/2 days of Scholarship Lectures (eg. 5×2 hour lectures). Lectures are spread throughout the programme
  • 1 x day of charity volunteering. After being matched with a charity the Scholars decide how to spend this time

We are a voluntary organisation and therefore we are unable to contribute to any expenses incurred by Scholars whilst travelling to mentoring meetings, coaching sessions, or learning events so this cost must be met by the Scholars or their employers. It should be noted that the Boot Camps may require overnight accommodation which must also be paid by the Scholar or their employer (although we try and keep costs to a minimum).

Nothing, it’s completely free. The entire content of the Scholarship Programme is delivered by exceptional people who volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise.

The Scholars have set up a blog which details their learning’s, experiences and thoughts as well as passing on marketing tips and tricks that they’ve learnt across the Scholarship year. You can read their journey here

In our experience employers appreciate the level of development this Scholarship provides to their rising stars and tend to be extremely generous in giving our Scholars time to take part. However, it is expected for employers to require Scholars to take some time as holiday or unpaid leave.

To get the most out of the programme all delegates should expect to invest a minimum of 15 working days of time to attend 3 ‘boot camps’, up to 8 mentoring sessions, Scholarship lectures, coaching sessions and working with a charity. In addition there may be time outside of work where you prepare for mentoring or coaching sessions or to share your learning’s within your teams or externally.

The 2018 Scholarship year begins in May 2018 and is kicked off with a five-day Boot Camp hosted at the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Moor Hall Conference Centre in Cookham, Berkshire on 14th – 18th May 2018. The Scholarship runs until the end of January 2019.

You can also find a list of all the mentors, coaches, partners, judges and companies who are involved in delivering the Scholarship throughout 2017 here

Here are the key dates for the 2018 Scholarship Programme:


  • May 2017 – Scholarship nomination portal opens
  • 19th February 2018 – Scholarship nomination portal closes
  • 26th February 2018 – Scholarship application deadline and application screening begins
  • 26th March 2018 – 6th April 2018 – Pitch interviews
  • 23rd April – 27th April 2018 – Panel interviews
  • 4th May 2018 – Applications will be notified if they have a Scholarship place
  • 8th May 2018 – Applications announced to the press


  • 14th – 18th May 2018
  • 20th and 21st September 2018
  • 24th and 25th January 2019


If your nominee is awarded a Scholarship you’ll be one of the first to know! Furthermore we’ll keep you updated over the course of the year with what they’re up to. You are also welcome to join The Marketing Academy Community groups on LinkedIn and Facebook which we regularly update with what’s going on.

Not by us – your nomination will be kept confidential. Ultimately, we leave that decision up to you. We actually recommend you give you ‘nominee’ some warning before you nominate them – you might consider sending them a copy of the Guide to the Scholarships.

Yes. We ensure that there are a few Scholarship places available for individuals who do not have a ‘classic’ marketing background. These individuals should demonstrate either exceptional ‘potential’ as natural marketers, have outstanding entrepreneurial ability or shown exceptional achievement in the face of adversity.

No. You can nominate whoever you chose, be it a member of staff, colleague, subordinate, boss, peer, supplier or client. You can nominate someone at an agency or business that you’ve worked with and have been very impressed by, or any great young marketer who you feel is a rising star. But the bottom line is: your nominee must fit the selection criteria. Your nominee must fit the selection criteria which can be found here

Unfortunately the Scholarship criteria requires the nominees to be ‘employed’ or own their business and so they would therefore be rejected from the process at Stage One.

Yes but you may disadvantage your nominee. The nomination portal closes on midnight 19th February 2018 and the closing date for applications is 5.00pm on Monday 26th February 2018. So, the earlier you nominate the more time your nominee has to design and submit their application.

No. To be eligible for an ‘Invitation to Apply’ for a Marketing Academy 2017 Scholarship you will need to be nominated by someone who considers you worthy of a place. We will not accept self nominations and the nomination portal is regularly cross checked and verified.

You can nominate as many people as you like but they will be competing against each other for a Scholarship place. We strongly recommend that you only nominate the absolute best and we really need your help in making the selection. Please only nominate individuals that meet the selection criteria.

After you’ve nominated a rising marketing star on our website, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your nomination. Your nominee will be sent all the details they need in order to apply for a place.

Selection Process

To continue through the selection process it’s essential we receive evidence of employer’s support of the nominees’ application in written form. An ‘Employer’s Endorsement Form’ is supplied with the ‘Invitation to Apply’. Employers are asked to outline why they feel their employees should receive a place on the programme and to confirm that they will enable their employee to invest a minimum of 15 days to the programme if awarded.

The ‘Showcase Me’ element of the Scholarship application is your chance to show your creative side and as long as we can read / watch / listen / experience it in 2 mins or less we really don’t mind what format it’s in. All we’ll say is the more original the better!

After a nominee’s details have been entered on the website they will receive an ‘Invitation to Apply’. The nominee is invited to apply by submitting a full CV, a letter of endorsement from their employer and a two minute ‘Showcase Me’ before the application closing date of 5.00pm on Monday 26th February 2018.

To find out what we look for in our candidates, please download the full information pack here. You can find all the information in this document.

Additional Information

We believe that the learning curve of a new company wouldn’t mix well with the learning’s of the Scholarship programme. Therefore we reserve the right to terminate the Scholarship if you move company during the 9 month programme.

We share free or discounted learning opportunities with the nominee’s who aren’t selected for a Scholarship. These include lectures and conferences as well as Inspire learning events.

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